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    A lot can be done for the society when we are together : Hope Begins Foundation

    Humanity had a very different perspective in the year 2020 and 2021 when the world was hit by pandemic. It taught us that when it comes to helping others there’s no difference between rich and poor, young and old, educated and uneducated. Everybody one affected equally and everyone helped each other without any difference because it was the question of survival. Many good souls came out during that time and extended their support to those who needed it. Be it a celebrity or a common, the good side of everyone was seen. Many organizations came forward and helped the society. Many NGOs came forward and worked selflessly. Hope Begins Foundation was one such NGO who distributed 40 lakhs meals to the needy and labourers across India. With an intention to end hunger this NGO worked day and night on the ground and distributed food and ration to those who were struggling to get food because of the lockdown.


    It was in 2017 when Hope Begins Foundation was started by 3 friends Pranav Mishra, Shoaib Ali and Bitupan Baruah by conducting sports for differently abled people. They organized multiple tournaments in Delhi NCR and various parts of India. With great success in doing these tournaments they started distributing food to the needy and also helped people who needed funds during medical emergencies. They did many other great work and  It created a big impact in society in a very short time. They were also noticed by big brands and renowned personalities who have appreciated their work. Testimonials of many such personalities can be seen on their website.


    One of their recent project is NEEV where they are taking care of the education related materials of a girl child who lost her father during Covid. The whole responsibility of the child is being taken care of till she reaches 12th grade. They also collaborated with Khalsa Help  Foundation for a project called Pregnocare where they are taking care of poor pregnant women before, during and after pregnancy. Their support includes taking care of the mother and the child properly and even the vaccination of the child after birth. The founder of Khalsa Help Foundation, Gurmeet Singh Rummy, also known as the Oxygen man of India has appreciated their work and joined hands with them to bring a change in a bigger way. Another collaboration was done with the well known foundation Goonj. They distributed ration packets to the needy with the help of Goonj.


    In yet another recent project they distributed laptops to poor students in Ghaziabad. With the support of a corporate who gave them the laptops as a part of their CSR, these laptops were given in order to help these students help with their education. These were such students who wanted to study but were not able to because their parents couldn’t afford to buy a laptop. Another project is a very unique one where they help people celebrate their birthdays with poor children. This is to encourage people to feed such children for whom birthday is out of the question, even a meal everyday seems difficult some days. It is one of their successful projects where so many requests came from people that sometimes the team had to work for extended hours to make these celebrations possible.


    They were also seen collaborating with local bands and musicians to raise funds from the public in Delhi NCR.  With just a few people as the core team working together, now the organization is growing in terms of team size as well. It is adding more people to its team, and more and more volunteers are getting associated with it as well. People are excited to work with Hope Begins Foundation and are also looking forward to collaborating with them. The head office of Hope Begins Foundation is in Delhi NCR. They have volunteers across the country.


    In the near future Hope Begins Foundation is looking to expand its team and reach out to more places across the country. With great support from their well-wishers the foundation is hopeful that they can bring a great change in the society and uplift the needy to make it a beautiful country for everyone to live in


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