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    From thinking abroad to living abroad

    The Emiratex24 private limited also known as The Emigration24 is one of India’s leading

    immigration consultancies that will help with all your abroad visa and PR related troubles. They

    have your back 24/7, thus the name. It was founded in 2018 by Mr Sirsendu Chakraborty and

    has helped countless citizens since live out their dream abroad and so can you!

    Mr Sirsendu Chakraborty had worked in multiple MNC’s for almost nine years and out of the

    blue in 2017 he got hospitalised, he was in a critical condition and the doctors were not sure if

    he would make it. Laying on that hospital bed he remencised his childhood and thought if he

    lived a fulfilling life but, then he realised he had never finished his dream to become an

    entrepreneur. Mr Chakraborty says, “I always knew I would start my own business as a kid” and

    then began to regret that he might come to the end of his life without completing his prophecy

    and then he willed to himself that if he miraculously walks out of this hospital alive then he would

    take the risk and do something of his own.

    The Emigration24 standing tall is a testament to his undying spirit and will because the very next

    year he quit his MNC’s job and founded the immigration, he took his experience from the past

    nine years and put it all into immigration. Therefore he went ahead and began with four other

    people. A table consisting of two Indians, Canadian, Australian and a Brit. This diversity helped

    them to better understand their clients needs.

    At immigration they help you with all sorts of abroad related help be it a quick travel getaway or

    a visa for an important business trip or even permanent residency. They extend their services

    from Permanent Residency, Investor, Work permit to student visas. They understand flying out

    of our nation is a trying time and that is why they have their one vision, to provide a hassle free

    experience to their clients. The Emigration24 is truly your one stop solution for abroad PR. You

    have nothing to worry, they are a certified company and what’s more, they have been awarded

    the MILLENNIUM BRILLIANCE AWARD 2021 for best Immigration and visa consultant

    company in Kolkata and Bangalore by Bollywood actress Ms Nora Fatehi.

    They strive to get you to your dream destination and ensure 100% transparency all the

    while.They take utmost care for their client’s satisfaction and for this they have a team of

    seasoned professionals to help through this strenuous process. Each client gets ample attention

    and time from them and are informed all along of the on goings.

    Mr Chakraborty “It is our dream to fulfill yours whatever it takes”. Undoubtedly they have a track

    record of satisfied clients.

    What are you waiting for? Drift away into dreams of moving abroad for work or Uni or even just

    a relaxing trip. They are spread all across Australia, Dubai, Canada, Malaysia and India. To add

    to the huge list of reasons why you should choose them apart from having expertise from

    lawyers to seasoned immigration counsellors and tie ups with organisations that will help you a

    load of time they are also providing a a free and quick visa assessment, Make use of it while

    you can and get packing because for your visa worries the Emigration 24 has your back!

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