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    Nowadays, travelling has become much more than a vacation, it is now a hobby and even a job for travel bloggers and influencers. And any travel is easier and more convenient when booked through a travel agency.

    Plan Your Travel is a budding company which provides luxury and affordable travel with great deals. Plan Your Travel was started by young entrepreneurs named Nikhil Beriwal along with Disha Beriwal in 2015. They cover travel for more than 50 countries around the globe.

    During our chat, Mr Beriwal the founder of Plan Your Travel mentioned “Our mission is to plan the most comfortable and luxurious stays for our clients at the best possible rates. We believe in customer satisfaction and retaining customers, so we go out and beyond to find them great deals and provide the best vacation experience possible for them. I am an avid traveller myself so it helps me a lot while planning a vacation for my customers to provide them with the most enjoyable vacation, many times I suggest to my clients the destinations and places I have scouted and experienced myself.”

    Plan Your Travel provides exclusive travel packages for their customers for eg: holiday packages, honeymoon packages, etc. They plan out your experience for you according to your needs. “Our vision is to be the most preferred and only travel partner of all our esteemed clients. If you are planning your travel with us we assure you that you are going to have the experience of a lifetime. Everything will be sorted as soon as you reach your destination, like in places like Maldives and Singapore I have very good connections there. We can offer you the most luxurious resorts which you probably won’t even be able to find on google and suggest to you the places to visit that aren’t very basic. A lot of the time, I have planned travel for influencers and travel bloggers, and after visiting the Maldives even they were surprised by the service and convenience they were offered. We suggested places that they had not even heard about. We are highly organized and natural explorers and understand the importance of a trip/vacation to our clients and make sure their holiday was always surpassing their expectations.” He further added

    Plan Your Travel also helps SMEs and Corporates plan tours for their employees or High Networth Individuals with personalised international packages that are catered specially for them, including stays at lavish hotels, secluded private stays, beach resorts etc, car rentals, and sightseeing activities.

    Mr Beriwal mentioned “We make sure you travel without any difficulty and enjoy your vacation hassle-free because a lot of the times when people go out for the vacation, the hotels they see on the internet are not even close to what they look like in real life and since they usually pay in advance they have to settle for it and stay there. So the main USP of Plan Your Travel is that what you see is what you get… We make sure that everything we promise you or showcase on our page is exactly what you’re going to get, the same luxury, the same comfort and the same scenic views.”

    Plan your travel works hard to offer unique adventures for every one of its customers. “Avoid headaches and let us manage all your needs. Many leisure travellers now feel they don’t have much time to travel. Spending hours on the internet and finding places for your perfect travel can take a lot of days and can eat up your valuable time. Plan Your Travel does the research for you and plans your whole vacation according to your convenience. We offer an array of choices relying on the customers’ spending plan. We know how to get the job done, keeping your specifications and dates in mind.” He further added.

    Plan Your Travel is the best option for your travel needs. From journey to destination and return… They’ve got you covered.

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